Our Fibers

Alpaca & Pima Cotton


Our Alpaca and Baby Alpaca garments are made with Peruvian fiber, it comes from the Andes of Peru where the Alpacas are native.

 Only in the Peruvian Andes the Alpacas produce this high quality fibers because is their natural environment, elements such as the right grass, weather and altitude make Peruvian Alpaca the softest most durable fiber on the world.

Pima Cotton

Our lighter garments are made with Pima cotton, which is the finest cotton version. Our Pima cotton grows in the valleys of the coast of Peru. Peruvian Pima cotton is super soft, fine and good for your skin, which is why it is considered among the best fibers in the world.



a different kine of soft .

a different kine of soft .

International Chic with Mauricio Alberti Touch.


Our Designer


Gene Castro  is a Peruvian born designer and entrepreneur who has being working with precious fibers for over thirty years. She began her education in the art of apparel design at a early age in Peru and Argentina. She has worked in the most important textile companies in South America where she specialized in Peruvian Alpaca. Gene appreciated Baby Alpaca so much that she decided to work mostly with this fantastic fiber.

About Alpaca Wawa Gene says that her designs are innovative but with a classic base that results in a unique fashion statement that fits right on every women.

The Finest Peruvian Alpaca....

The Finest Peruvian Alpaca....










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